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My practice is based in holistic developmental psychotherapy using the modalities of Energy Medicine and somatic bodywork. My practice is a unique blend of therapies tailored specifically for each client. These therapies live within the realm of energy medicine and somatic modalities, including Dynamic Alignment, Body-Mind Centering, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Somatic Attachment Therapy. I aim to facilitate treatment that addresses the entire human system, including belief systems, emotional distress, developmental trauma and physical pain. During sessions we will excavate the unconscious thought processes and imprinted patterns; patterns resulting from developmental trauma. This trauma, however large or small, remembered or forgotten often occurs from the time in utero, through birth, into the teen years. The manifestation of trauma becomes imprinted and displays as mannerisms or defense mechanisms. In the present, this may affect one’s interpersonal relationships, emotional tonality, postural-physical mannerisms and feelings of self esteem. I encourage ongoing sessions to increase personal awareness and take a holistic approach to shifting from one’s dysfunctional or even functional patterns, into conscious awareness of one’s full potential. Sessions in both energy medicine and somatics function as fully active processes or work as restorative, preventative sessions; ultimately working toward a common goal of sustainability for the client.

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“In my personal experience, Taja Will heals by attuning to and moving energy. While I have witnessed Taja be a transformative and powerful force through movement, artistry, and social justice practices, my most intimate experiences with Taja’s work as an energy practitioner and healer occurred on two distinctively different occasions: First, when I had a knee imbalance/injury that I feared would permanently affect my ability to move; second, when I was holding onto emotional pain from a devastating breakup. On both occasions, Taja’s skilled engagement with my energetic body was palpable and Taja’s profoundly grounding presence guided me into subtler sensations which led to deeper self-knowledge of my energy patterns and emotional habits. Those of us who have been lucky enough to experience Taja’s finely-tuned skills as a somatic energy worker know that these are supported by decades of deep investigation and intellectual rigor.”  — Dr. Elizabeth Bergman


One-on-One sessions — Using a blend modalities including hands on, hands off, talk therapy and structural alignment tailored to the clients’ needs.

Family and/or Relationship sessions – These sessions are for two to four people engaged in relationships which could include families, couples or business/working partners or teams. ​


Consulting relationships are tailor made, and I offer a sliding scale of rates at all tiers for individuals. I offer economic access rates with a conversation and encourage potential clients to understand their budget, access to global wealth (including but not limited to income) and equity values as we begin a conversation about your goals with this working relationship. 

For Individuals:
$75-$100 : 60 minutes
$90-$115 : 75 minutes
$105-$130 : 90 minutes

*packages available

For Organizations, Non-Profits, Institutions & Universities:
$150 an hour for 1-3 people.
$175 an hour for non-profits.
$250 an hour for university/institutions/for-profit organizations.

*Larger group and organizational facilitation fees determined through conversation and planning. Packages are available and encouraged.


Payment plans, economic access options available by request.

Cash, personal check and electronic payments accepted. Payments ought to be made the day of the session or when scheduled.

No cancellations. Rescheduling policy states that all sessions need to be rescheduled within a week of missed appointment, with a fee of $25 to schedule. This policy is in place to honor and give space to our resistance when working through a process and to hold each other accountable, for the mutual intention for sustainability.